Practice Areas

  • Immigration Law

    Immigration Law Attorney Miami FL Immigration law refers to the rules established by the federal government for determining who is allowed to enter the country, and for how long. It also governs the naturalization process for those who desire to become U.S. citizens. Finally, when foreign nationals enter without permission,... Read more »

  • Employment Law

    Employment Law Attorney Miami FL Beyond establishing an economic relationship between employer and employee, work provides a powerful structure for organizing social and cultural life. The employment relationship is more than the exchange of labor for money. In U.S. society, self-worth, dignity, satisfaction, and accomplishment are often achieved by one's... Read more »

  • Business Law

    Business Law Attorney Miami FL File Your Lawsuit in the Proper Court Your business lawsuit might be filed in either state or federal civil court. Determining which court can hear the case involves the laws that apply and where the parties live and do business. Generally, if the case involves... Read more »

  • Personal Injury

    Personal Injury Law Attorney Miami FL You've suffered an injury and think that someone else is responsible for your injuries. Even though it's probably the last thing you want to do while dealing with an injury, it's best to take certain steps immediately after an injury. For example, taking detailed... Read more »

  • Business Litigation

    Business Litigation Attorney Miami FL Sometimes business disputes arise, and when they can’t be resolved through negotiation or arbitration proceedings, business litigation can be used as a way to remedy the situation. Whether it’s a private individual or a business entity that has a legal issue with another business entity,... Read more »

  • Family Law

    Family Law Attorney Miami FL amily law is a practice area concerned with legal issues involving family relationships, such as adoption, divorce, and child custody. Attorneys practicing family law typically handle divorce, child custody, child support, and other related legal matters. Some family law attorneys specialize in adoption, paternity, emancipation,... Read more »

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